Contamination, Trash and Dirt in Visual Media (Society for Cinema and Media Studies [SCMS] Conference, 21-25 March, 2011)

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Kara Lynn Andersen / Brooklyn College

From documentary films like Gasland, to B movies like Street Trash, to art films like Safe, visual depictions of trash, dirt, filth, pollution, and uncleanliness have provoked powerful, even visceral, reactions. The boundaries between the clean and dirty, contaminated and pure, worthless and worthwhile often shift to align with cultural attitudes toward marginalized groups in a society. This panel seeks proposals on any aspect of contamination, garbage, or uncleanliness in film, television, or video games. Possible subjects for analysis include:

• Abjection and uncleanliness
• The rhetoric of environmental contamination
• Cultural standards of hygiene and health
• Filth and revulsion in the horror film
• Cleanliness and pollution as part of religious belief
• Attitudes toward sexuality

Please send 300 word abstract with five bibliographical references and a brief author bio to Kara Andersen ( no later than August 12. Participants will be notified of acceptance to the panel no later than 15 August. Panels with then be submitted to SCMS with final acceptances expected by December, 2011. Applicants must be registered members of SCMS by September 1, 2011 if accepted to the panel.