2012 Global Interdisciplinary Conference on Analyzing Democracy

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Global Research Studies

2012 Global Interdisciplinary Conference on Analyzing Democracy

March 2-3, 2012
St. Louis University Campus
St. Louis, MO USA

"In a democracy the poor will have more power than the rich, because there are more of them, and the will of the majority is supreme." โ€“ Aristotle

What is this entity which we call democracy? Scholars and paupers alike have debated the multi-faceted dream of true democracy; but does democracy, in its defined form, truly exist?

This project launch aims to take an inter- and multi-disciplinary look at the form of political system known as democracy. We invite all to participate in this debate and subsequent publishing project that is intended to shape and mold the future of democracy.

The following areas are set as the key areas of development. Please submit your abstract on any of the following areas or on research and study of democracy that is related to these key themes:

1. Definition of democracy โ€“ past, present and future.

- History of democracy
- Democracy today
- Does democracy have a future
- Analyzing the true definition of democracy

2. Forced democracy โ€“ political maneuvers

- Democratic wars
- Western force of democracy
- Changing from another political system to democracy
- Voice of the people

3. Democratic rights and wrongs

- Is democracy the best form of government?
- People's rights under democratic rule
- Problems of democracy
- Opposing or other forms of political systems

Please send your 200-400 word abstract regarding this research and study area. At the top of your abstract, please include your name and the name of any co-author/researcher, with each person involved listed on a separate line. Also include your affiliation if any or simply state if you are an independent scholar. State the title of your abstract as well.

Please forward your abstract to democracy@globalresearchstudies.com in either .doc or .rtf format - .pdf files will be returned. Once your abstract is received, it will be passed along to our advisory panel that will then recommend or reject your abstract as part of this study. You will then receive notification of your acceptance or rejection (rare). The acceptance notification is sent in the form of an email along with an accompanying letter of invitation to present your paper at the conference.

If your abstract is accepted, you will need to submit a booking form through our website at www.globalresearchstudies.com/submit_booking_form. Each person that is involved in the presentation of your paper at the conference must submit a booking form. Discounts for multiple authors is given. Please write to us at admin@globalresearchstudies.com to inquire about the discount. Once you have done this, an invoice is automatically generated from PayPal in the amount of $365 USD. Your payment must be made in USD through PayPal. We no longer accept certified funds via postal mail due to the length of time it takes for payments to arrive from overseas (average of 3-4 weeks). PayPal has been chosen for its ease of use as well as its secure capabilities. We are never given your banking or credit card information, making this a secure transaction for both you and Global Research Studies.

Please Note - those that submit a booking form and payment before July 31, 2011 will receive a 20% discount. This discount is given only if a) you have submitted your abstract and it is accepted; b) you submit a booking form thus generating an automated invoice from PayPal; and c) your payment is received by 12 pm (noon) on July 31, 2011. This 20% discount reduces your conference fees to $292. If payment is not received by noon on July 31, 2011, you will be responsible for the full conference fees of $365 USD.