Image and Language: Godard and the problem of expression NEMLA 2012 Rochester deadline: September 30

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Elif Sendur/Binghamton University
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This panel asks to question the relation between expression and language, between the image and the word using Godard's work. This young Turk of the New Wave or the philosopher king of cinema, besides tackling the question of politics and aesthetics, constantly constantly questions the relationship between images and language, a question that is crucial for cinema as well as for literature. From Nana's question in Vivre Sa Vie "Words should express exactly what one wants to say? Do they betray us?" to his Le Gai Savoir where the relation between image and words are questioned; from his extraordinary use of letters or words on filmic scenes to his separation of his films into book chapters, Godard experiments on language in its own limit. This panel will ask how do words betray us in expression? What is the relation between the image and language? What does the image express that language cannot account for? Examining Godard, this panel expects to find ways to open up these questions into discussion. How does Godard opens up the question of language in his work? What kind of relation one might perceive between the image and the world? What is the nature of this affinity between cinema and literature? How is the problem of expression problematized in Godard's work? Please send 300-500 word abstracts and brief biographical statements via e-mail to by September 30, 2011