O'Neill & Post-colonialism 36th Annual Comparative Drama Conference Stevenson University, Maryland March 29-31, 2012

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J. Chris Westgate / The Eugene O’Neill Society
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Beginning with Eugene O'Neill's sea plays and continuing through much of his oeuvre are concerns with global themes, including the problematic encounters between cultures, ethnicities, and nationalities. Following recent trends in criticism that have sought to situate modernist writers within post-colonial discourse, this panel intends to consider how plays like Thirst, The Movie Man, Moon of the Carribbees, The Emperor Jones and others intersect with post-colonialism.

We welcome a host of topics including but not limited to Otherness, orientalism, subalterns, subjectivity, double-consciousness, hybridity, etc. on a variety of levels, including themes, composition, and performance of plays. Our goal is to increase our understanding of the plays themselves and deepen our appreciation for O'Neill's engagement with global themes.

Please send 250 word abstracts to J. Chris Westgate, jcwestgate@fullerton.edu by November 27, 2011.