[REMINDER] CFP 'States of Emergence, States of Emergency'

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Excursions Journal

Excursions Journal
Call For Papers
'States of Emergence, States of Emergency'
Deadline for articles: 15th August 2011
Submit online at: http://www.excursions-journal.org.uk/cfp.html
'The tradition of the oppressed teaches us that the 'state of emergency' in which we live is not
the exception but the rule. We must attain to a conception of history which is in keeping with this
insight. Then we shall clearly realize that it is our task to bring about a real state of emergency,
and this will improve our position in the struggle against fascism.'
Walter Benjamin, 'Theses on the Philosophy of History' (1940)
Benjamin's remarks on states of emergency have been fundamental to an understanding
of political life which considers the roles played by threat, danger and fear in processes
of political control. In one sense, Benjamin suggests that we live in a constant state of
emergency, something Giorgio Agamben has called the 'paradigm of modern politics', a
situation where threat is deployed by government in order to wield power and restrict human
rights. Yet Benjamin refers to the need to 'bring about a real state of emergency' (italics added),
suggesting, perhaps, a connection between 'emergency' and 'emerge'.
We could thus read Benjamin as calling for something new, for a state of emergence in which
newness is constituted.
Excursions, an interdisciplinary, open-access, peer-reviewed journal, now calls for submissions
upon the theme of emergence/emergency which draw upon the vast possibilities contained
both in terms of disaster, threat and power, as well as beginning, becoming and creating. As a
journal with an interdisciplinary mandate we welcome research from all areas, creating a space
wherein the richness of concepts can be explored. Possible topics may include, but are not
limited to:
● The history of states of emergency, states of emergency in different historical contexts,
parallels across contexts
● A literal take on 'states of emergence/ emergency' perhaps inspired by the 'Arab Spring'
- the emergence of new democracies, new political rights, new modes of political
● New technologies/media - their role in shaping public space, discourse and our
relationships with others; their implication in new forms of representation/artistic practice;
the (re)presentation of states of emergency in the media
● General emergence - the rise of new aesthetic or political paradigms and perhaps the
difficulties inherent in recognising/ narrating these emergences
● Emergence and origins - narratives or myths of origins and emergence; our modes of
narrating the emergence of the individual, the state etc.
● Scientific advances - space exploration, genetics, cloning - the border of threat and
● Environmental/ecological disaster and emergent environmental conditions
● Physical/chemical states, stasis and change