Nothing New Under the Sun?: Novelty, Game-Changing, and Genre-Breaking [Oct. 28-29, 2011]

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University of Florida English Graduate Organization
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Nothing New Under the Sun?: Novelty, Game-Changing, and Genre-Breaking

2011 University of Florida English Graduate Organization Conference

October 28-29, 2011, at the University of Florida

The English Graduate Organization of the University of Florida invites papers across disciplines concerning the idea of novelty in literature, film, rhetoric or the production of art. By interrogating the causes and effects of novelty in the life of an artist, scholar or artistic movement, we hope to destabilize the boundaries around the "old" and "new" and trace the lingering impact of these game-changers across both time and disciplines.

In considering novelty, we seek papers examining groundbreaking texts, new concepts of a pre-existing text, the application of new media to traditional print texts, and technological innovations in the creation and distribution of texts. Novelty may also include revolutionary movements or groundbreaking use of specific texts in theory, adaptation or collaborations. We also will consider novel uses of technology that increase cultural circulation (such as viral videos or alternative marketing), improve artistic quality, or even shift the relationship between the human and non-human. The conference also invites papers that discuss practical applications of the new to the old, such as innovative pedagogical techniques like wikis or class blogs, or the implementing of unorthodox genres into the classroom. Creative submissions featuring the use of novel techniques or topics may also be considered.

We welcome abstracts of up to 250 words along with contact information to by September 25, 2011. Please also indicate any a/v requirements (DVD player and data projection available). Authors of accepted papers will be notified the first week of October. For information on previous conferences, please refer to our website at