Flann O'Brien and Modernism (11 November, 2011: Sydney, Australia)

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Centre for Modernism Studies in Australia AND John Hume Institute for Global Irish Studies at UNSW

Strange Enlightenments:
Flann O'Brien and Modernism

11 November 2011
The University of New South Wales
Sydney, Australia

Flann O'Brien's work resists easy categorisation. He has often been held as a 'post-modern' novelist, whose ludic and parodic fictions played creative havoc with traditional notions of authority and authorship. However in recent years the category of post-modernism has been in decline, supplanted by the rise of the 'New Modernism'. This has unleashed a radical rethinking of how we define and 'periodise' the modern. Organised jointly by the John Hume Institute for Global Irish Studies and the Centre for Modernism Studies Australia at UNSW, this conference uses the occasion of Flann O'Brien's centenary to reanalyse his major works in response to these developments.

Call for papers
Papers are invited on the broad theme of Flann O'Brien and 'Modernism'. Topics may include (but are not limited to):

- Flann O'Brien's legacy at 100
- O'Brien's relationship with modernist writers
- Irish cultural politics
- Literary form, genre, or style
- Comedy, humour, satire and parody
- O'Brien and science
- The Irish language
- Translation and adaptation
- Myles na Gopaleen and journalism
- O'Brien and Irish studies
- O'Brien and modern philosophy
- O'Brien and modern media

Abstracts should be submitted by email. Abstract submissions should include the paper title, and be no more than 250
words. Please include a brief biography and contact details of the presenting author.

The deadline for submissions is 16 September 2011 at 5pm.
* Please note that authors of successful submissions will have 20 minutes to present their paper

More information
E: irish@unsw.edu.au
P: +61 2 9385 4772