Extremism, Nationalism and Transgression - Proposals by 31 October 2011

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Gylphi Limited
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Extremism, Nationalism and Transgression (Gylphi) – call for chapters

Eds. Jason Lee and Andrew Wilson, University of Derby

We invite proposals for a collection of original interdisciplinary essays –

Extremism, Nationalism and Transgression to be published in Gylphi's Transgressive Culture series.

As recent events in Norway demonstrated, there remains in Europe a violent undercurrent of extremist belief. This belief exists in a milieu which has become characterised by violent neo-fascist nationalist rhetoric and an increased propensity for transnational discourse. The internet has shifted neo-fascist cells from local, parochial operations, to an international platform. Breivik's manifesto has rapidly become a resource and inspiration to other, disparate, individuals who would otherwise have remained isolated. In this context the neo-fascist Wotanism of former Brüder Schweigen David Lane can commingle with the Christian nationalism of Breivik, while pro-Aryan groups in Australia can exchange intelligence and strategies with esoteric neo-fascists in the United Kingdom. At once repelled by globalised culture(s), the far right has, nonetheless, prospered on the back of the technology that facilitates an increased globalism. Where fascism may once have been seen as an abreaction to modernity, neo-fascism can be read as a postmodern extremism: globalised, inchoate, and immersed in incompatible narratives of arguable irrationality. The aim of this volume is to explore the cultural milieu inhabited by extremist groups and individuals, particularly with reference to their relationship with transgressive cultures and stigmatized knowledge.

Potential themes and topics include, but are not limited to:

· The appropriation of religious beliefs by extremists
· The evolving understanding of 'the nation' in a global mediasphere
· Subcultural expressions of extremist belief
· Extremist readings of mainstream popular culture
· Transgressive cultures relationship with extremism

While contributions that draw upon historical evidence are welcome, proposals with a focus on recent phenomena and texts will be preferred. Prospective contributors should submit a 500 word proposal with 75 word bio-note by the 31st October 2011. We welcome proposals from a range of disciplines across the humanities and social sciences, especially those that transgress boundaries. Please send abstracts to both:
Jason Lee j.lee@derby.ac.uk and Andrew Wilson a.f.wilson@derby.ac.uk

Jason Lee is Professor and Head of Film and Media with Creative and Professional Writing at the University of Derby. He has published on conspiracy theories, cults, and neo-Nazism, with work translated into seven languages.

Andrew Wilson is Assistant Head of Applied Social and Community Studies, Subject Leader for Joint Honours in Sociology, and Subject Leader for Popular Culture and Media at the University of Derby. He has published on apocalyptic culture, the cultic milieu, and new religious movements.


Gylphi Limited, Canterbury