Acting Up: Gender and Television Comedy Symposium (January 14th 2012, Northumbria University, UK)

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Northumbria University, UK.

Papers are invited for this day symposium on Gender and Television Comedy on January 14th 2012 at Northumbria University (Newcastle upon Tyne, UK).

Television comedy calls upon a wide range of cultural references and forms, including the constantly mutating genres of television itself (such as sitcom and reality tv), cinematic performances (Chaplin to Carey) and longstanding theatrical traditions (such as clowning and commedia dell'arte). In the last forty years academic examination of the many facets of television and comedy has become an established field, yet to date there is little literature available that closely examines the performance of gendered identities in comedy television. The work of Kathleen Rowe and Frances Gray in the early 1990s remains key in debates about women and television comedy, but this day symposium seeks to extend the discussions established in their work, to examine the performance of a wide range of gender and sexual identities. This event will examine how gender is performed, subverted, reiterated and transformed through television comedy.

Plenary speaker: Frances Gray (former Reader in Drama, University of Sheffield) on 'Britain's Got Bedlam: Comedy and Reality TV'

Papers are invited on issues such as:
* Feminism and femininity
* The performance of heteromasculinity
* Camp and the politics of gender
* Age and gender
* Gay/Lesbian/Queer characters and actors
* Gender and class identity
* Race, ethnicity and gender

Please send 300 word proposals with a 50 word biographical note to and

The early registration fee (until 1st December 2011) is £20, the student fee is £20, and the full fee is £40. Booking is open now at: