Final Call for Essays: Jewish Music and Germany after the Holocaust

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Lily E. Hirsch and Tina Frühauf

Jewish Music and Germany after the Holocaust
Edited by Tina Frühauf and Lily E. Hirsch

While studies on Jewish musicians and music termed Jewish during the Nazi era have found a solid place in musicology, explorations of Jews, music, and Germany during the postwar period have remained neglected by historians and (ethno)musicologists. And yet, the years and decades after the Holocaust witnessed a host of complex musical activities actuated by surviving Jewish populations as well as institutions and individuals motivated by notions of commemoration and mourning. In an effort to shine a light on this rich musical landscape, we are soliciting chapter proposals for an edited volume tentatively titled "Jewish Music and Germany after the Holocaust." This study will be the first volume devoted to this topic and will build on new work recently presented at the 2011 Dickinson College Colloquium "Jewish Music and Germany after the Holocaust."

In addition to filling a significant gap in current literature, we hope to further distinguish this volume by avoiding fixed thinking and clichés of Jewish music and Jewish musicians from the past, instead highlighting the plurality of Jewish experience and its inherent hybridity as well as contestation surrounding evolving notions of Jewish music. With this in mind, we invite chapter proposals from diverse disciplinary traditions (including music history, ethnomusicology, cultural studies) that attend to this topic in a variety of post-Holocaust contexts.

Please send 300–500 word abstracts and a CV including contact information by September 1, 2011 to Lily E. Hirsch and Tina Frühauf at If accepted, your final essay will be due by January 15, 2012.