Rethinking Early Italian Literature: The Hybrid Narrative of Love (March 15-18, 2011)

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Northeast Modern Language Association, NeMLA
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This panel wishes to reassess, and bring to the fore, the important role of the love treatise within Renaissance literature. In fact, recent new studies show that the genre of the love treatise, situated within its own historical moment and cultural context, functioned as a unique hybrid text in which different traditions - literary, philosophical and medical- were elaborately intertwined to explain the genesis and anatomy of love. Thus, by undertaking a comparative study of the Renaissance love treatise, this panel will explore the varying discourses that once informed this hybrid genre. The topics of the panel include, but are not limited to: Italian literature; Early Modern European discourses on love; intersection medicine and philosophy; courtly love tradition. Please send 300-500 word abstracts to Cecilia Maier-Kapoor ( September 30, 2011. Also include your name, academic affiliation and contact information.