Global Literatures and Islam: Call for Articles

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Call for Articles
Global Literatures and Islam (Working theme)
Eds. Beyazit Akman, Filiz Barin, Illinois State University
Prospective Publisher: Cambridge Scholars Publishing

Amidst the discussions of "Islamic radicalization" and "homegrown terror" in the United States; liberation movements in the Middle East, the war in Libya, and the tenth anniversary of September 11 attacks, the discourse on Islam has once again dominated the discussions of the global intelligentsia in the post-9/11 era. Writers from diverse countries and cultures ranging from Afghanistan to Canada, from Northern Europe to South Africa have articulated their views on a wide range of topics such as the role of Islam in modern Europe, the place of Muslims in the United States and Europe, the differences between ideology and politics as the cause of conflicts, and tried to answer or challenge questions such as "Is Islam compatible with democracy?" or "What is at the root of terrorism and fundamentalism?" In this collection of articles, therefore, it is vital to bring together these viewpoints in all their diversity and richness without falling into the risk of overgeneralization and of reducing this complex issue into simplistic and misleading language of propaganda. Since it is impractical and incomplete to try to understand this discourse without discussing the colonial practices of Western European powers in the Middle East, we also invite articles that discuss earlier centuries from this perspective. Therefore, to be able to represent the multiple sides of this issue, with a conscious attempt to historicize the dynamics of intercultural relations with colonial/imperial history, we are asking for articles on the representations of Islam in literatures and cultures around the globe.

Send articles/proposals/first drafts and a brief CV to by Sep 11, 2011 (include "Literatures and Islam" in the subject line)
Expected length of each article: 6000-9000