CSA 2012 Panel: (Re)membering the historical "monster"

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Erin DeYoung (Trinity College Dublin) and Sarah Jo Mayville (UCSD)

This year's theme, "Culture Matters," calls for proposals that critically and creatively reflect on culture and "the material" broadly conceived. How do we theorize the relationship between culture and materiality? In what ways might interdisciplinary formations such as ethnic studies, critical gender studies, queer theory, indigenous studies, and new media studies challenge or redefine notions of the material? How should cultural critics understand the material in relationship to the immaterial? What are the cultural-material aspects of knowledge production both inside and outside the university? How does culture become a material force and how can cultural critics and producers intervene in or transform institutions and material practices? In short, what do materialist cultural studies projects look like now and what forms should they take in the future?
Our panel is looking for the ways in which the historical "monster" is (re)membered following seminal wartime moments. This panel is interested in the ways in which history is reimagined as a consequence of contemporary events figured on the material bodies its people as a cathartic process. The process of (re)membering a body, or bodies, as "monstrous" serves to reinvent the national consciousness following a traumatic event. We are accepting proposals ranging throughout western literature, film, and television dealing with the middle ages through the contemporary moment. Discussions not only of the "monstrous" but how "monsters" are created at different historical cultural moments will also be accepted.

Submissions due by Sept. 15th. Please e-mail both Sarah (smayvill@ucsd.edu) and Erin (deyounge@tcd.ie) with your proposal