Chaos: Transformative Power, Antagonistic Liberator and Threatening Master

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More than Thought- A Scholarly Literary Journal Devoted to Consciousness

Chaos has long been a tormentor as much as a liberator. In addition, it has been a master by way of intimidation and fostering dread. The great fear of the unknown has terrorized many a person into submitting to comfort in a cage. The exploration of chaos and its relationship to consciousness may yield fruitful results as the absence of structure and order has the potential to give to a new worldview. What kind of relationship does chaos have with the development of consciousness? How does literature present chaos and its effect on consciousness? Whatever the conclusions, it is likely to prove rich and abundant for furthering human understanding.

More than Thought, a scholarly electronic literary journal devoted to exploring manifestations of the development of human consciousness in the literatures, is currently accepting submissions for the next e-issue. The deadline for submissions is September 30, 2011. The posting date for this e-issue will be November 30, 2011.

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