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Lisa Tatonetti
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Extremism and the Excluded Middle
The 17th Annual Cultural Studies Conference
at Kansas State University, March 6-8, 2008
TOPIC: Extremism and the Excluded Middle
CONFERENCE DATES: March 6-8, 2008
PROPOSAL DEADLINE: October 15, 2007

Keynote Speaker: Anne Fausto-Sterling, author of Sexing the Body and Myths
of Gender.
Featured Poet: Chrystos, author of Fire Power and Fugitive Colors.
Conference Description:

This conference will explore some of the texts, cultures, and subcultures
that represent extremism in politics, literature, science, social issues,
and popular culture and consider the differing ways that aesthetic,
economic, personal, philosophical, political, and professional investments
in "extremes" or binaries--including racial divides and gender/sex
binaries--manifest themselves.

Many people are drawn to such extremes; history demonstrates that extreme
ideologies and positions, binary thinking and identities have been
seductive for centuries. As a result, the middle ground, the space between
polar opposites, is often represented as difficult or impossible to occupy,
either figuratively or physically. Indeed, we may speak of the middle
ground as being excluded.

The 2007 Cultural Studies Conference seeks to better understand this state
of affairs by analyzing ways that extremes, binaries, and their
often-absent middles inform biological, dialectical, D/democratic,
Derridean, evolutionary, feminist, gender-theoretic, literary, political,
psychoanalytic, R/republican, and queer perspectives. We are interested in
a wide array of papers that examine why some binaries are easier to bridge
than others, how the dynamics of different oppositions are related, how
oppositions evolve, and why extremism is still alluring to so many.

We welcome papers on related topics, including:
• representations of sex/genders/sexual orientations/queerness;
• constructions of race, hybridity, and/or borderlands;
• gonzo journalism and/or literary genre blurring;
• extreme sports;
• the rhetoric of ongoing debates surrounding the right to life and/or
right to die;
• extreme, suppressed and/or censored art and literatures;
• the separations or definitions of space and place: haven or ghetto?
sacred or secular?
• representations and rhetorics of political extremes;
• separatisms, nationalisms, essentialisms (strategic or otherwise);
• anything or anyone in the middle: middle class, middle earth, middle age,
moderation, midway(s), middle-brow literatures and cultures.

Standard conference format: panels of three papers; each paper a 15 minute
oral reading/presentation. Alternate session formats may also be proposed.

Proposals (1 pg per presentation) for 15-minute presentations (or panels of
3 presentations) should be submitted by Oct. 15 2007 to Director, Program
in Cultural Studies, English Dept, Kansas State University, Manhattan KS
66506-6501. Email submissions strongly encouraged:
Please include return email address for all submissions.

Proposal Deadline: October 15, 2007

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