CFP: [African-American] Essay Collection: Black Writers and the Left (15/12/08; 01/03/09)

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Kristin Moriah

Essay Collection: Black Writers and the Left (15/12/08; 01/04/09)

I am currently seeking essays for a collection on the relationship between
twentieth African American writers and the leftist movement. Black Writers
and the Left will be an inquiry into ideology and aesthetics. The book will
be published by Cambridge Scholars Publishing in 2009.

During the early half of the twentieth century, Marxist political theories
offered many African Americans an empowering way to view themselves in
relation to society. Marxist philosophies spoke of an equality that had not
been achieved in America. They provided their adherents with a framework in
which to begin the project of affecting lasting social change and creating
a truly inclusive democracy. Many black writers found themselves drawn to
Marxism during this period. Within the boundaries of Marxist philosophies,
black writers could explore the relationship between racism and capitalism
in previously untried ways. African American intellectuals who were
involved with leftist movements during the early part of the twentieth
century included Claude McKay, Chester Himes, Richard Wright and Ralph

The essays in this collection will shed light on the results of these
encounters. Essays which focus on form and narrative are highly encouraged.
Proposals from both emerging and established scholars are welcome.

Please send 250 - 350 word abstracts for proposed essays and a CV to
kristin_moriah_at_elf_mail_mcgill_ca by December 15, 2008. Complete drafts
of selected essays will be due by March 1, 2009.

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