Revisiting Tex(x)ture in Literature

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Rasmus R. Simonsen/ACCUTE
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In an essay titled "Outing Texture" Renu Bora distinguishes between texture as "the surface resonance or quality of an object or material" and texxture (two x's) as "the stuffness of material structure." Put differently, we can say that texxture denotes the historicity of texture. In Eve Sedgwick's rendering of Bora's concept, texxture is thought to be "the kind of texture that is dense with offered information about how, substantially, historically, materially, it came into being." We might then ask: how does the dialectic of texture/texxture influence literary productions and their reception?

This panel welcomes papers dealing with the relation between textual objects, desire, and affect. For example, in Moby-Dick, Ishmael "quake[s] to think of" the inner savageness that Quequeg's tattooed body must signify. Amardeep Singh refers to many different "texture-words" that are grouped according to semantic kinship, as well as their particular textual effects and affects. In what way, then, do texture-words come to shape the reading experience? As concerns the reader's perception and reception of the work, how does one respond to the texture or surface of the text? How do material conditions enter into the creative process? Finally, what defines the "haptic" author?

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