Violence and Representation

full name / name of organization: 
Jaclyn Simon (University of Southern California), Ricardo Wilson (University of Southern California)

Epistemic shifts are themselves inherently violent and the uncertainty and instability that these shifts produce frequently elicit a violent response. This seminar intends to put into conversation scholarly works that explore both the representation of violent acts and the violence of representation. We are interested in a diverse conversation across multiple disciplines and seek papers that deal with literary, cinematic, performative or documentary texts.

The themes these papers would manage might include but are certainly not limited to:
•state-sponsored violence; violence and temporality;
•violence and memory; the sacred and the profane;
•performance of violence;
•violence as a language; self-mutilation;
•violence and the market;
•translation and adaptation;
•censorship and taboo;
•lexical violence;
•spectacle and public death;
•race and the body;
•violence and the subaltern.

These papers might address the following questions:
•What is lost in the literary or cinematic translation of violent acts and what are the ethical and political implications of that loss?
•What are the anxieties between the collective and individual memory of trauma?
•What is at stake in a poetics of violence?
•How might conceptions of the body and "truth" influence violent acts, and how might those representations themselves enact violence?
•What is produced and/or effaced in rituals of violence?

If you have any questions please contact the seminar organizers.