Reflections and transfigurations: tradapting and performing Shakespeare today. 26-27 April 2012, University of Toulouse, France.

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ART. University of Toulouse Le Mirail
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CFP: Reflections and transfigurations: tradapting and performing Shakespeare today. 26-27 April 2012, University of Toulouse, France.
Confirmed Plenary speakers: Djanet Sears (University of Toronto), author of the critically acclaimed Harlem Duet (1997), Paula Vogel (Yale) author of Desdemona: a play about the handkerchief (1993). Both playwrights will discuss their own play as well as the original text which inspired them, Othello.

The forthcoming publication of the bilingual annotated edition of Djanet Sears' Harlem Duet in the "Nouvelles Scènes Anglais" collection of the Presses Universitaires du Mirail ( in April will launch a series of encounters on the tradaptations of Shakespeare in the 20th and the 21st centuries.
Mainly focusing on the gaps in Shakespeare's plays, contemporary playwrights sometimes chose to rewrite the play and to explore again or to invent new directions for Shakespeare's plays. These adaptations raise new questions about the original plays: how are Shakespeare's plays performed nowadays? How are they, textually and scenically, adapted and to what ends?... Studying the performance of Shakespearean plays and/or their rewritings since the early modern era worldwide leads to reflects on the plays' historicity as Shakespearean plays have become echo chambers for socio-political issues, and philosophical as well as aesthetic reflections.
This conference welcomes papers dealing with stage and textual adaptations or rewritings of Shakespearean plays in English or other languages. We will discuss how the plays and their transfigurations trigger reflections on aesthetic practices (text and performance) and also on philosophical, sociological and political issues, and thus become socio-historical prisms through which playwrights look at the issues of gender, religious, racial tolerance, etc.
List of topics:
- Translations and adaptations of Shakespearean plays in English and non-English languages.
- Stage performances of Shakespearean in a multicultural context
- The relationship between imagination and objects in the original plays and/or their adaptations
- Philosophical reappraisals of Shakespearean plays: gender, religion, race; the question of tolerance
- Shakespeare and History: the plays and their adaptations as historical prisms
- Femininities
- Plays as instrument of aesthetic transfigurations: mythology, art history, popular culture…
- Shakespeare and new media…
Language of the conference: English / French

Please send 250-350 words proposal to Dr. Nathalie Rivere de Carles:
Deadline for abstracts: December 11th.
Answers for selected abstracts: December 16th.