CFP for ACLA 2012 Seminar "Thinking Change, Becoming, and Mutation: Visual and Textual Approaches"

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ACLA 2012, Brown University, March 29 - April 1 2012

Thinking Change, Becoming, and Mutation: Visual and Textual Approaches

Seminar Organizer(s):
Angeles Donoso Macaya (McDaniel College), Cesar Barros Arteaga (Davidson College)
Every period has experimented changes of various kinds, has thought about them, and represented them. All in all, the notion of 'change' has always had a prominent role in political, philosophical, and cultural analyses. But, how do we conceive change; do we conceive it, for instance, as a radical "epistemological break" or as a pure continuous becoming? What other kinds of models are there to think through this phenomenon? Moreover, who is the 'subject' of change? Thinking through this and other related notions—'crisis', 'becoming', 'transformation'—is critical to understand the structure and the potentialities of our historical present. In conformity with the comparative nature of this conference, this seminar aims to address different theoretical approaches on the notion of change—whether historical, social and/or identitarian—and also critical approaches to representations of change, becoming, and transformation. We seek papers that address drastic breaks or subtle changes in epistemological, political, or social instances. Also, we are interested in signifying displacements and contagions from one medium to another (literature, film, photography, performance, etc.) and other cultural (per)mutations.

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The conference will take place at Brown U, Providence, RI, from March 29-April 1, 2012.