Stepping Forward, Looking Back: Post-colonial, Global, Transnational, and Diasporic Studies in the 21st Century

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Please consider submitting a proposal to the following roundtable discussion to be held
at CACLALS annual conference at 2012 Congress of the Humanities and Social Sciences. This
event will take place in Waterloo, Ontario, May 26-28.

Deadline: December 15, 2011.

CFP: Stepping Forward, Looking Back: Post-colonial, Global, Transnational, and Diasporic Studies in the 21st Century

This roundtable discussion arises from the necessity for literary scholars to reflect upon the significant and subtle shifts away from post-colonial thinking towards concepts such as globalization, transnationalism, and diaspora, particularly as they are used in literary analysis or, more broadly, in cultural studies. Complex and diverse positions have been assumed from within each and along the continuum of these traditions, and so this roundtable calls for the creation of context, debate and evaluation for what must be
retained and/or revised in the future studies of literatures impacted by legacies of colonialism, imperialism and globalization.

Suggested topics for reflection may range from (but are not limited to) the following:

• The state of postcolonial literary and cultural studies in relation to globalization/transnationalism/diaspora criticism
• The ethics of such paradigm shifts: how do we teach and/or research post colonialism, transnationalism, and globalization in literary studies?
• The (inter)disciplinary histories and futures of post-colonial theory
• Economic approaches to post-colonial/global/ or transnational literary studies
• Engendering diaspora and globalization studies
• Queer diaspora studies and criticism
• Indigenous futures in a globalized world
• Nationally rooted (ie. Canadian, Trinidadian, German, etc), experiences of globalization

We are looking to have 5-7 panelists (three invited and 2-4 self-identified) on this roundtable. Each panelist will provide a 5 minute reflection related to the roundtable topics and then participate in a 15 minute call and response session amongst one another before entering discussion with the audience.

Please send a 150-200 word proposal and a 50 word bio to Melissa Stephens(, Libe García Zarranz (, and L. Camille van der Marel ( by December 15, 2011 if you wish to be considered for this roundtable. Proposers must be paid-up members of CACLALS.