Comparative Approaches to Faulkner and Fitzgerald

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F. Scott Fitzgerald Society
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The William Faulkner Society and the F. Scott Fitzgerald Society are collaborating to organize a symposium on the two writers at the American Literature Association's 2012 convention in San Francisco, May 24-27, 2012. We are looking for six to nine scholars to present work that pursues comparative approaches to these pivotal twentieth-century literary artists. The papers will be presented over consecutive ALA sessions and at the discretion of the organizers may form the basis of an edited collection of essays on the two writers.

Topics could include, but are by no means limited to:

• positioning the two writers within diverse, competing, or overlapping modernisms ("high," ethnic, nativist, sentimental, etc.)
• questions of gender and sexuality, including explorations of masculinity and male friendship
• family ecology: representations and/or life experiences of childhood, marriage, parenthood
• alcoholism and mental illness in the life and work of the artist
• questions of print culture: relationships with editors, agents, mentors, publishing houses; writing for the "slicks"
• writing for and/or about Hollywood; issues of film adaptation
• issues of critical reception and popular reputation
• approaches to teaching Faulkner and Fitzgerald in the graduate, undergraduate, or secondary school classroom

300-500-word proposals for 20-minute papers should be submitted electronically to Maggie Gordon Froehlich, Department of English, Pennsylvania State University, Hazelton (, and Jay Watson, Department of English, University of Mississippi ( by Monday, January 2, 2012.