SCSECS Religion in the Age of Enlightenment (2/23-25/2012)

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South Central Society of Eighteenth Century Studies
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Paper proposals are currently being accepted for a panel entitled Religion in the Age of Enlightenment. The panel will be included on the program of the annual meeting of the South Central Soceity of Eighteenth-Century Studies to be held in Asheville, NC, on Feb. 23-25, 2012. Papers might examine (1) religion and religious attitudes and practices during the age of Enlightenment; (2) the impact of the Enlightenment on religion, religious thought, and religious experience; and (3) the ways religion informed Enlightenment ideas and values, from a range of disciplinary perspectives, including, but not limited to, history, theology, literature, philosophy, the social and physical sciences, economics, and the law. While the Enlightenment generally refers to an eighteenth-century philosophical and cultural movement that swept through Western Europe, the panel welcomes studies that encompass the seventeenth-century intellectual movements that gave rise to the ideals of the Enlightenment—e.g., materialism, skepticism, rationalism, and empiricism—as well as papers that consider later manifestations of Enlightenment ideas and values during the early nineteenth century. The panel likewise welcomes studies of non-Western religious topics and issues in light of Enlightenment attitudes.

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Brett McInelly
Brigham Young Universtiy