Call for Papers: Essay Collection on Modernity and Sustainability, deadline for abstracts 31 March 2012

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Zayed University Press, Dubai
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Call for Papers: Book on Modernity and Sustainability
This volume explores the meaning of modernity in the era of sustainability. It is intended as an interdisciplinary platform for the sciences and social sciences to enter into a dialogue with the humanities. Sustainability conceives of itself too narrowly if it merely sets itself the task of developing new technologies using the traditional methods of investigation. Yet the reifying gaze of science is still the dominant perceptual model and mode of conduct in the 21st century, manifesting itself in a variety of symptoms: boundless commodification, environmental degradation, unliveable urban spaces, human exploitation. A different mode of perception and investigation is needed especially in the sciences: seeing, as the dominant metaphor for knowing, might be replaced by hearing, binaries by networks and detachment by immersion. Indeed, the scientific revolution itself produced dissenting voices, which were never taken very seriously at the time but are rediscovered now. We invite explorations of these dissenters and would also like to develop new alternative modes of conducting ourselves sustainably as academics and as human beings. We define sustainability broadly and by no means wish to limit ourselves to scientific or ecological perspectives. Possible topics include, but are not limited to:
- epistemological and phenomenological discussions
- philosophy of science
- disaster studies
- sustainable urban planning and architecture
- the role of religion in a sustainable modernity
- theology and sustainable modernity
A workshop on sustainability for contributors will take place at Zayed University, Dubai, in early October 2012. The deadline for abstract submissions is March 31, 2012.