[UPDATE] Ethnic Lit & Religion at MELUS 2012 (April 19-22)

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J. Stephen Pearson, U of Tennessee
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Submissions are still being accepted for two panels on Ethnic Literature and Religion for the next MELUS conference: one on religious transnationalism and one on Eastern religions.

1) Eastern Religions in Ethnic U.S. Literatures

Papers should discuss depictions of or references to Eastern religious traditions (e.g. Hinduism, Buddhism, Daoism, etc.) in ethnic U.S. texts.

Topics of interest include (but are certainly not limited to):

~ how religious traditions, beliefs and practices are altered for a U.S. context
~ how they assist and/or interfere with the process of Americanization
~ how they promote and/or hinder community identity
~ how they are viewed by people from other traditions
~ etc.

2) Religious Transnationalism in Ethnic U.S. Literatures

Given the connection between many religions to specific geographical locations outside of the United States (for example: Jerusalem, Rome, Mecca, the Ganges, Tepeyac, etc.), religious practice can be seen as a common and powerful means of transnational experience in the U.S.

Papers should discuss depictions of or references to such transnational aspects of religious practice and/or belief (from any tradition) within ethnic U.S. texts.

For submissions to either panel: Send a 500-word abstract by Sunday, 16 October to Dr. J. Stephen Pearson (U of Tennessee, Knoxville) at stpears11@gmail.com . Panelists will be notified by the 23rd of October.