Ghost Stories: Hauntings and Echoes in Literature and Culture 27-29 January 2012

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McGill University English Graduate Students Association

McGill English Graduate Conference CFP
Ghost Stories: Hauntings and Echoes in Literature and Culture
27-29 January 2012
McGill University, Montreal

The McGill English Department's Eighteenth Annual Graduate Conference on Language and Literature invites submissions on the topic of literary hauntings. How do ghosts of the past figure in literature, theatre, film, television, and other texts and cultural artifacts? How do familial, imperial, social, linguistic, or national legacies influence artists and their work? How do texts "remember" historical events or other texts? Potential topics include, but are not limited to:

ghosts, spectres, apparitions, phantoms
zombies, vampires, the undead
the gothic, the supernatural, the uncanny
"haunted" genres (horror, film noir, science fiction)
obsession or possession
palimpsests, manuscripts, intertextuality, series
revision, adaptation, and translation
archives, preservation and rediscovery, canon formation
theories and texts of trauma
influence, inheritance, legacies
subtextual sexuality and gender dynamics
disembodiment or physical hauntings (scars, injuries, pain)
history, postcolonialism, cultural imprints, imperial legacies
relics, ruins, monuments, ephemera and material culture
echoes, repetition, resonance
shadows, projections
marginalized, forgotten, or overlooked figures and groups

Conference presentations should not exceed twenty minutes. Proposals will be blind-vetted, and must include a double-spaced 250-word abstract plus a cover sheet with your name, university, contact information, and a brief biographical paragraph about your academic interests and achievements. Please send your proposal as an email attachment in .doc or .pdf format to by 15 November 2011.