Celebrity Discourses in Canadian Contexts: DEADLINE Nov. 1st

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Association of Canadian Colleges and University Teachers of English

ACCUTE: May 28-May 31, 2012

Critical conversations about celebrity continue to flourish across disciplines (film, literature, cultural studies, media and communications) but the field continues to be dominated by American, British and Australian analyses and case studies. A consideration of celebrity phenomena in Canada, we propose, has much to contribute to this discussion. This panel seeks to open the floor to an examination of the Canadian contexts of celebrity: How is celebrity in Canada being produced, disseminated and consumed? How do non-Canadians circulate in Canadian media, culture, and economy and is this different from how Canadians circulate? How might existing critical theory benefit from the consideration of these Canadian case studies?

We welcome thoughtful studies on:

• particular celebrities (Canadian or not)
• media events
• fan activities
• scandals
• theoretical models and cruxes
• specific examples: eg Will and Kate in Canada, the CBC, Canadian "branch-plant" celebrity production entertainments such as "So You Think You Can Dance"; "Canada's Got Talent"
• transnational / neoliberal cultural economies and the challenges they pose to celebrity as a national phenomenon
• celebrity and prize culture in Canada
• mass market vs local celebrity
• citizenship and celebrity
• celebrity at various cultural sites: eg politics, sports, literature, social media, entertainment

Please send proposals (700 words) or completed papers (8-10 double-spaced pages) plus a 100-word abstract and a 50-word bio to panel organizers:

Katja Lee: leek66@mcmaster.ca or Lorraine York: yorkl@cogeco.ca

Deadline: November 1, 2011.

ACCUTE 2012 is part of the annual Congress of the Humanities and Social Sciences which will be held in Waterloo, Ontario at Wilfred Laurier University and the University of Waterloo.

Please note that submitters must be members of ACCUTE and in good standing. For more information about ACCUTE and the conference, please visit their website: http://www.accute.ca/2012cfp.html#mo.