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Applied Nonexistence


Applied Nonexistence is an anti-political / anti-state communist / insurrectionary anarchist peer-reviewed journal seeking submissions on the theme of INSURRECTION. Utilizing a detourned reading of the Negriian conception of "Empire" Tiqqun in "How is it to be done?" claims that, "Empire is when the means of production have become the means of control and the means of control the means of production. Empire signifies that henceforth the political moment dominates the economic moment. And the general strike is powerless against it. What must be opposed to Empire is the human strike." This notion of the human strike as the eradication of all political subjectivities can be posited as the most extreme form of insurrectionary praxis.

Applied Nonexistence seeks submissions on the role of INSURRECTION within a poststructuralist terrain of hostis and civil war, where the seemingly infinite conduits of power become the very nodes of social control which define this late-capitalist epoch.

We are interested in papers which utilize the notion of INSURRECTION as an ontological social rupture, one in which political subjectivities are destabilized, subverted, and ultimately negated. Submissions may take the form of essays, creative pieces, or literature reviews. Submissions may either deal with the notion of INSURRECTION explicitly, or use it as a means to evaluate works of cultural production.

A few examples of topical relevance…

The cultural production and representation of INSURRECTION viewed through the following theoretical perspectives:

Tiqqun's notions of the "Bloom" and "Zones of Offensive Opacity"
Claire Fontaine and Tiqqun's notion of "The Human Strike"
Communization Theory as articulated by Gilles Duave and Amadeo Bordiga
Giorgio Agamben's treatment of Homo Sacer and "whatever singularities"
Foucauldian Biopower
Deleuze and Guattari's Schizoanalysis
Adorno's Negative Dialectics
Anti-political nihilism

Submissions should be no longer than 20 pages. Send a 500-word abstract along with a little bit of information about yourself to Mary Celeste at before October 31, 2011. Final submissions will be due by January 15, 2012.

Mary Celeste: