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Journal of Defense Resources Management
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The Regional Department of Defense Resources Management Studies- DRESMARA- issues biannually, in April and October, the Journal of Defense Resources Management (JODRM).

The aim of JODRM is to disseminate the results of the theoretical and practical research investigations undertaken by reputable professionals worldwide in the holistic field of defense resources management.

Emphasis is placed on interdisciplinary studies, for the current environment worldwide is complex, uncertain, volatile, and ambiguous and, therefore, requires the use of a set of reasoning tools that cannot be limited to a single field of interest.

As a result, the areas covered by the research reports and articles published in DRESMARA's journal are as follows:

* Management theory and practice (e.g. organization theory and practice, human resource management, decision-making theory, logistics, etc.)
* Information management (e.g. information security, e-learning, information technology, communications, etc.)
* Economics and financial management (e.g. globalization and economic crises, marketing, etc.)
* Socio-humanities (e.g. organizational behavior, intercultural studies, linguistic and cultural studies, etc.)
* Military science (e.g. tactics, leadership, etc.)

The deadlines for submitting materials to be published in the Aprilie issue, 2012 are as follows:
• January 31, 2012: paper submission;
• February 15, 2012: review board conclusions;
• February 28, final paper submission
• April 30, 2012: paper publication.

For further information, you may access journal homepage: or contact the editorial board: