Creatures of the Night - Collection of Essays

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Nadine Farghaly, M.A., Mag. Phil.

Since we live in a society which has embraced stories about vampires and werewolves and regards them as a part of our mythical heritage, it is not very surprising that the audience is craving new monsters with whom they can identify. These magical beings are filling the pages of books and the screens of televisions in an ever increasing number; nowadays, it is not enough to dazzle the audience with reoccurring plots and ideas about our favorite bloodsucking fiends and their furry counterparts, instead authors, screenwriters and other artists need to extend their realms to include other creatures like dragons, centaurs, mermaids and zombies to name but a few. The aim of this collection is to relate the undead, shape-shifting, monstrous, othered, magical and marginal in literature, art, and other media to questions concerning sexuality, gender, social change and otherness. It will provide an interdisciplinary space for the development of innovative and creative research and examine these creatures in all their various manifestations and cultural meanings.
We welcome any theoretical or (inter)disciplinary approach to any topic related to all aspects of creatures of the night: art; literature; film; television; comics and graphic novels; video, role-playing, and multi-player online games. Though not at all an exhaustive list, potential presenters may wish to consider the following. We would particularly like to encourage submissions that examine Gender, Sexuality and Otherness.

Possible topics may include (but are not limited to) the following:
• Fans and Fandom
• Gender and Sexuality
• Queer Studies
• Class and Hierarchies
• Utopia/Dystopia
• Audience Reception
• Regeneration—Moving Narratives from One Medium to Another
• Genre—Space Opera, Cyberpunk, Dark Fantasy, etc.
• Sexuality and the (living or undead) body
• Identity politics
• Celluloid creatures: adaptations and incarnations
• Teen vampire/zombie/shape-shifting fiction
• The Undead and Monstrous as Other (nationality, class, gender, etc.)

Please send the following information to
Writers submit a 1-page synopsis of their proposed chapter to us clearly stating:
[a] the research question
[b] the methodology
[c] the findings
[d] the bibliography (5 sources)

By December 1st 2011

Hope to hear from you soon