Edith Wharton and the Age of TM(I)nformation: Edith Wharton Society at the American Literature Association, 26-29 May 2012

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Edith Wharton Society
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Edith Wharton and the Age of (TM)Information: Edith Wharton Society at the American Literature Association, 26-29 May 2012
If Wharton’s late nineteenth century could ironically be termed “the age of innocence,” our own era might unironically be dubbed the age of “too much information,” marked by increasingly frayed boundaries between public and private life, the rise of gossip in nearly all media venues, and compromising revelations about the powerful emerging with astonishing frequency. We seek papers considering how Wharton’s fiction might illuminate such matters. Topics for exploration could include:
*Hacking Lily’s cell phone: gossip and eavesdropping in Wharton’s writing
*Wharton’s social media: Town Topics and other intersections of gossip and the media in Wharton’s fiction
*Wharton’s celebrities, or Wharton as celebrity
*public exposure (of “outlines,” décolleté, infidelity, to name a few) in Wharton’s writing: self-display, overshares, shame, and shamelessness
*Wharton in the age of Facebook: friending, defriending, and getting complicated
*What would Wharton tweet?: The politics of (self)-revelation
*New (and old) technologies of information transmission in Wharton's fiction

Please send abstracts and short c.v.’s to Meredith Goldsmith, mgoldsmith@ursinus.edu, by Jan 20, 2012.

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modernist studies