Narrativity, Performativity and the New Globality

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The American Comparative Literature Association (ACLA) 2012

What we propose to explore in this panel are the vast changes in the global cultural landscape in the last decade or so and the narrative and performative strategies employed to position, define, and redefine the self and the social order amid and athwart this transformative moment.

How and in what terms must we reconceptualize globalization in the twenty-first century? How do certain writers and performers wield and warp language, images, and spaces to strategically resist oppression or to open an entry for radically different means of conceiving and being in the world?

What are the strategies and performative and/or narrative devices that performers and writers use in order to question, counter, rupture, and subvert dominant narratives, dominant languages or realities and worldviews? In what ways do writers and performers address visible and invisible forms violence embedded in the processes of globalization?

How do writers and performers create new spaces, hybrid spaces, that enable critical and creative dialogic interaction? What opportunities for change (personal, social, transnational) are being opened outside the prevailing or conventional modes of thought and artistic creation?

We welcome papers that address these issues through treatments ranging from memoir fiction to street theater, from photo essays to documentaries, from world music to world cinema, and other modes of creative expression.