Wyndham Lewis Society Membership

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Nathan Waddell - Wyndham Lewis Society Secretary

Membership of The Wyndham Lewis Society ensures the continuity of the Society and entitles you to receive one copy of the annual 'Lewisletter' (which reviews Society activities and related Lewisian events / publications) and one copy of 'The Journal of Wyndham Lewis Studies' (ed. Andrzej Gąsiorek), which includes scholarly essays on Lewis's life, writings, paintings, and cultural contexts.

The JWLS website can be found here (http://tinyurl.com/6dlycxs). JWLS is published annually in November. This publication represents the re-launched journal of the Society (formerly 'The Wyndham Lewis Annual'). An extremely limited number of JWLS back issues are available – once these are gone, JWLS may be purchased as a .pdf computer document.

Membership costs for 2012 are higher than for 2011, as agreed at the 2010 AGM, and are payable via paypal, cheque, direct debit, or standing order. Please visit the Society Membership page (http://www.unirioja.es/wyndhamlewis/htm/membership.htm), which is in the process of being updated, for further details.

2012 Membership Rates Individuals
£22 (Paypal/SO/Cheque) UK
€32 (Paypal/SO/Cheque) Europe
$50 (Paypal/SO/Cheque) US, Canada & Other

2012 Membership Rates Institutions
£26 (Paypal/SO/Cheque) UK
€46 (Paypal/SO/Cheque) Europe
$55 (Paypal/SO/Cheque) US, Canada & Other