Mythopoeic Society Conference 43; UC Berkeley; August 3-6, 2012

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Across the Continents: Myths and legends from Europe and Asia meet and mingle/The Mythopoeic Society
contact email: The meeting of cultures, particularly when each appears exotic to the other, generates many possible outcomes. One culture may conquer or cooperate with the other. The two (or several) may learn to live side by side without much interaction, or one may assimilate the other. In some instances, many cultures can mingle and influence each other in a way that sets off an explosion of creativity and cross-pollination. How has the meeting of East and West influenced fantasy writers? Interesting things happen at the borders, or the margins, or the corners. Can this be seen as another example of the interstitial nature of fantasy? Fantasy vs. reality—the ultimate cultural confrontation? Disaster or the seed of creativity, richness, beauty and complexity? Something in between?
Papers dealing with these conference themes, including Asian mythology and/or fantasy works based upon it, (or other themes sparked in your brain by this topic) are especially encouraged. As always, we welcome papers focusing on the work and interests of the Inklings (especially J. R. R. Tolkien, C. S. Lewis, and Charles Williams), of our Guests of Honor, and other fantasy authors and themes. Papers from a variety of critical perspectives and disciplines are welcome. Papers from graduate and undergraduate students are encouraged; we even offer an award for Best Student Paper. See