ACLA: Collapse/Catastrophe/ Change - Nov. 15 Deadline

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Miki Kaneda and Samia Rahimtoola / UC Berkeley

ACLA: Collapse/Catastrophe/ Change

Experimentalism & Failure in Fluxus & Beyond

March 29th to April 1st, 2012

Brown University in Providence, Rhode Island

Papers should be submitted through the ACLA website by November 15:

"Failure is a part of experimentation, you succeed when you stop failing," announced Buckminster Fuller when describing the ethos of the Black Mountain School. His words could easily be applied to Fluxus. Emerging from the catastrophes of World War II and the ensuing years of accelerated globalization, Fluxus events, objects, and performances negotiate a delicate relationship with experimentation and failure. We hope to host a panel of scholars who are interested in the social and historical contexts of Fluxus, as well as the theoretical issues it raises as an art/anti-art practice. We invite scholars working in a range of disciplines, geographical frameworks, and practices, including experimental arts beyond

Possible topics include:

• Is there an ethics of failure in Fluxus?  How might Fluxus events grant its participants permission to embrace a state of loss or failure?

• What is the relationship between the utopian impulse and experimental practice?

• How might we theorize open forms that incorporate provisionality and change as part of their structure?  How do issues of incoherence inform theoretical and sociological discussions of Fluxus?

• How are positions that reject art articulated through notions of
experimentalism and failure?

• How do Fluxus works respond to the political, economic, and aesthetic crises of their historical moment?

• How have the existing archives challenged, shaped, and obfuscated regions of Fluxus practice?

• Can Fluxus aesthetic practice speak to political resistance, protest movements, and calls to radical social change in the 1960s?