Barzakh Journal-"The Between" CFP due February 28, 2012

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Barzakh, a biannual multi-genre journal with an internationalist
stance run by graduate students in the English department at the
University at Albany, SUNY is open to submissions for its next issue. “Barzakh” is a word / concept that names the connecting link, the “between” of something, such as different spheres of existence. In light of the current global occupy movements Barzakh is seeking innovative creative, critical and collaborative writing as well as writing in translation that specifically addresses the political implications of "the idea of being as essentially being-with-one-another." The "between" of self and other is what allows other and self to reverse positions and thus complicates fixed notions of identity and relationship. When we are with one another and aware of the between we are vulnerable because our position can be changed. How can language specifically address and facilitate this vulnerable "between"? Can the polis be an all-inclusive space and what role would language play in it? Can power relations be conceived as flowing between concentric circles rather than as a hierarchical top down movements? Can both listening/reading and speaking be considered authorial and thus reciprocal? Can there be a politics of reciprocal relationship or love based on mutual respect? Can the other be animal, plant, machine, alien or self? How could an all-inclusive polis be one that is based on differentiation and not assimilation? How could a unity of diversity be articulated in language? For its next issue Barzakh is looking for innovative creative, critical and collaborative writing as well as writing in translation that addresses the ethos and
praxis of sharing in common a polis that is contingent on the "between" of "being with."

Please send any creative or critical work that delves into these subjects to by February 28, 2012.

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modernist studies