ASAP/4: "Genres of the Present" 4-6 October 2012, Royal College of Art London

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Association for the Study of the Arts of the Present
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The Association for the Study of the Arts of the Present is pleased to announce a symposium exploring the current status of genre across the post-1960s visual, literary and performative arts. ASAP/4 invites speakers to reflect on the persistence, return and dynamic transformation of genres and to consider the role of genre in the creation, interpretation and evaluation of the arts of the present.

What defines genre now?
How is genre being performed in and across the post-1960s arts?
What aspects of conformity, antagonism, variation and/or innovation are at work in contemporary uses of genre?
How do current uses of genre relate to traditional distinctions between high and low art?
What is the place of genre in the evolving theorization of transmediality?
How do digital forms alter the genres to which they relate?
Has our understanding of hybridity, quotation or appropriation of genres changed since they were theorized within postmodernism?
What role do the genres of the present play a role in creating literary or artistic communities, or in linking critics with audiences?

Proposals should include 300-word abstracts for papers, 700-word abstracts for roundtables or panels, with email addresses & brief CV statements for each speaker.
Please send all submissions or queries to:
Proposal submission deadline: 15 April, 2012
Responses will be sent by 1 June, 2012
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ASAP/4: "Genres of the Present" is hosted by the Royal College of Art in collaboration with the Program Committee of A.S.A.P. The symposium host organizer is Lucy Soutter, Royal College of Art