UPDATE Crossroads 7-8 June, 2012 Toulouse, France

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University of Toulouse
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There are still a few places open at the International Conference on Crossroads (treating the English speaking world).

We invite proposals treating the many senses of the term "crossroads," whether physical or not: countries, regions, towns, roads, monuments, sanctuaries, inns, or pilgrimage sites , but also books, paintings, installations or performances. New forms of expression, federating ideas, political and cultural negotiations, cosmopolitanism, cross-fertilizations between the arts, and hybridization of forms and genres can be found at such sites of convergence.

The different interpretations of the conference theme range between the two extremes of the material and the immaterial. On the one hand are the tangible places that favour encounters. On the other, are more abstract sites that tend to be shaped by already formulated premises. Nevertheless, this does not mean that the two scenarios are mutually exclusive.

For a fuller description of the theme see our website (still under construction).
Send a title and a brief abstract (150-200 words) to the organizers before January 3, 2012:
Philippe Birgy

Helen Goethals

Wendy Harding