International Poetry Conference at Ruhr-Universitaet Bochum, "Memory, the United States, and Transnational Poetics," 29.-30. Jun

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English Department / Chair American Studies / Ruhr-University Bochum

This conference will be devoted to the impact of memory on transnational American poetry and its poetics.
The contributions will highlight how both collective and individual memory shape and are in turn also shaped by poets and poems that stylistically, topologically, or intellectually cross national borders. They shall investigate how memory infiltrates and influences the global circulation of poetic texts that participate – in their very own generic ways – in the global flows of people, goods, and ideas. They shall explore how the "'spatial dialectic' obtaining between mobile processes of transnationalization and strategies of localization or regional coalition" (Rob Wilson and Wimal Dissanayake) influences national poetry and its poetics. Moreover they shall examine the contradictory connections between poetic cultural memory and historiography. Thereby the conference will contribute to the examination of "transnational and international relations . . . excluded from the official national narrative" (Donald Pease) and to uncovering "various ways of vivifying circuits of poetic connection and dialogue across political and geographic borders and even hemispheres, of examining cross-cultural and cross-national exchanges, influences, and confluences" (Jahan Ramazani) in the poetry and poetics of the United States.
Under the larger rubric of "Memory, the United States, and Transnational Poetics" we invite contributions that take up such topics as:

Migration and immigration;
Diaspora and Exile;
Citizenship and national belonging;
Race and racialization;
Post/Colonialisms and Transnationalism; Translation, bi- and multilingualisms; Post-national literary historiography;
Public and private forms of memorialization; Memory, counter-memory, and re-memory; Memory and the gendering of history; Memory and canonicity;
Affect, affinity, and allegiance; Trauma, grief, and mourning.

Please send abstracts to

and Kornelia.Freitag@ruhr-uni-bochum.

Deadline: 15 December 2011