Seminar "New and Old Interconnections Between Literature and Science" at the ESSE11 (Istanbul, 4-8 September 2012)

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Teresa Prudente (University of Turin)
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Papers are invited for a seminar that will be held at the 11th European Society for the Study of English Conference(Istanbul 4-8 September 2012).

Literature and science have constantly overlapped and interacted across the centuries, but the systematic study of their relationship has only recently emerged and come to dominate the scene of literary criticism. The contributions from scientific inquiries (from the areas of neurosciences, philosophy of the mind, physiology, psychology, evolutionary biology,…) are at the present fostering a revolution that encourages the syncretic re-examination of the history of literature in the light of both old and new scientific approaches (Turner, 1996; Richardson and Steen, 2002) which see the literary text as a privileged object of examination allowing narrative, philosophical and scientific theories to interact in the analysis of the "creative mind" (Hernadi, 2002). The seminar intends to explore recent and innovative outcomes in the field, as well as the foundation of the interdisciplinary relationship between literature and science, through the analysis of key topics and case-studies (i.e. the influence of scientific theories on literary works or currents, the interaction of single scientific disciplines with literature), and the productive dialogue, perhaps even convergence, between different approaches (cognitive, epistemological, linguistic).

Please send 200-word abstracts by 31st January 2012 to the seminar organizers:

Teresa Prudente (University of Torino, IT)
Annalisa Volpone (University of Perugia, IT)
Meltem Gürle (Boğaziçi University, TR)

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