Edited Collection of Essays on the Pre-Tenure Experience (Abstracts due February 15th, 2012; submissions due June 1st, 2012)

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Erin Marie Furtak/School of Education, University of Colorado at Boulder
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Editor: Erin Marie Furtak (University of Colorado at Boulder)

Assistant professors are so occupied with teaching and research that they are rarely afforded the luxury of writing about their own experiences. This collection of essays is intended to be an opportunity for assistant and recently tenured professors to write about their personal experiences on the tenure track. The intent of the book is to engagingly and humorously discuss the frustrations and contradictions of academic life. Essays should take a 'semiserious' perspective, balancing a keen sense of absurdity with some sense of why, as academics, we are invested in what we are doing. The dark humor sought is similar to that expressed about graduate student life in the 'Piled Higher and Deeper' comics (www.phdcomics.com).

The primary audience will be Ph.D. candidates, postdoctoral scholars, and pre-tenure faculty, as well as faculty mentors. Submissions can focus on discipline-specific topics, but should frame pre-tenure issues more broadly so that the book has a wider appeal to scholars in multiple disciplines.

Specifically, this call for submissions invites narrative essays written by assistant and recently tenured professors that feature. Topics for the essays may include, but are not limited to:
• Graduate school
• The academic job search
• Writing and publication (i.e. acceptance…and rejection)
• Research and funding
• Balance between work and the rest of life
• Gender and family
• Navigating university bureaucracy
• Travel and attending conferences
• Colleagues
• Advising
• Promotion and tenure

Send long abstracts (500-750 words) and inquiries to Erin Marie Furtak at erin.furtak@colorado.edu by February 15th, 2012. Please include contact information and a short bio that is relevant to the submission. Notification of acceptance will be given by March 15th, 2012. If your abstract is selected for inclusion, you will be requested to submit a complete essay (6,000-8,000 words) by June 1st, 2012.