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< Car Culture and the Road is a growing area of cultural significance in our rapidly transforming global world. Both the car and the road conjure up ideas about freedom, mobility, geography, consumption, and the triumph of technology over nature. Images of car culture and/or the road evoke a powerful and potentially tense inquiry into the role of the car and the road in terms of nostalgia for an idyllic, and perhaps lost pastime, as well as a renewed excitement about the future of motorized transport (cars, motorcycles, scooters, etc.). In either case, we find both the car and the road as prominent figures in the construction of identity formation in a variety of media formats (film, TV, videogames, graphic novels, fiction). SWTX welcomes scholars at all levels. Graduate students are encouraged to submit proposals. Topics might include, but are not limited to:

•road movies, videogames, graphic novels, fiction, lowriders, hot rods, custom cars, car or biker clubs
•histories of roads, routes, highways, traffic
•GPS, Google Maps, automobility
•Route 66 and roadside architecture
•Nation and/ or citizenship, region, locality, racial or ethnic identity
•advertising, symbols, propaganda
•borders, real and imagined, remapping the road in post-apocalyptic landscapes / "The road to nowhere"
•environment, "Going Green"
•urbanization, globalization>