Call for abstracts for edited collection: ‘Beyond Disney: Children’s Films and Family Films in Global Cinema'

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Bruce Babington and Noel Brown, editors
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Call for abstracts for edited collection, tentatively entitled ‘Beyond Disney: Children’s Films and Family Films in Global Cinema’

We are seeking contributions to a co-edited anthology which addresses global manifestations of children’s films and family films outside the Disney milieu.

There have been many scholarly works which focus on the historical, commercial and textual aspects of Disney films, yet the children’s films and family films produced elsewhere – whether in the Hollywood, European or other international cinemas – have been comparatively neglected.

This collection aims to redress the balance by examining the production and reception of these films. We invite original research on any aspect of non-Disney children’s films and family films, whether historically-oriented or more contemporary in scope. Essays may address key industrial and/or commercial issues attached to international children’s films and family films, or examine the production and reception of important individual texts (or filmic cycles).

A non-proscriptive list of possible topics includes:

• The relationship between children’s films and
family films
• The relationship with children’s cultural studies
• Their relationship with other ‘crossover’ media,
such as books, comics and video games
• The dialectical relationship, either textual or
in terms in reception, between Disney and non-
Disney children’s/family films
• The status of children’s films and/or family
films in terms of genre
• The development of children’s and family film
movements in film industries internationally,
particularly in the French, Eastern Europe and
Japanese cinemas
• The commercial and/or aesthetic aspects of the
family blockbuster
• The reception of children’s films and family
films globally
• The role of festivals and conventions in
bringing lower-budget children’s films and
family films to wider attention

We would ask prospective contributors to submit a 500-word abstract by 1 March 2012. Please include a brief biographical note. Authors whose abstracts are accepted will be notified by 1 April 2012, and will be expected to deliver completed essays (of no more than 7,500 words, inclusive of references) by 1 August 2012.

Bruce Babington is the author of Launder and Gilliat (2002), A History of the New Zealand Feature Fiction Film (2007) and the forthcoming The Sports Film: Games People Play (2013). He is also the co-author of Blue Skies and Silver Linings: Aspects of the Hollywood Musical (1985), Affairs to Remember: The Hollywood Comedy of the Sexes (1989), Biblical Epics: Sacred Narrative in the Hollywood Cinema (1993) and Carmen on Film: A Cultural History (2007), and editor/co-editor of British Stars and Stardom: from Alma Taylor to Sean Connery (2001) and The Trouble With Men: Masculinities in European and Hollywood Cinema (2004). Noel Brown is the author of the forthcoming The Hollywood Family Film: A History, From Shirley Temple to Harry Potter (2013).

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