Wiley-Blackwell Companion to the War Film (contact ASAP if interested; proposals due Feb 15, 2012)

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Dr. Douglas A. Cunningham

This is a CFP for an edited collection of essays on the war film. I have a contract for this volume in hand, and I am seeking contributors.

This edited collection is envisioned as a major re-assessment of the war film genre. The past ten years have given rise to some of the most shocking and violent conflicts in recent memory, including the 9/11 attacks on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon; the Global War on Terror, particularly in Afghanistan and Iraq; the Second Chechen War; the genocide in Sudan's Darfur; the ongoing conflict between the Columbian government and the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Columbia (also known as the FARC); the intensities of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict; the Mexican government's war against ultra-violent drug cartels; the killings of Saddam Hussein and Osama Bin-Laden; the suppression of the Green Revolution in Iran; and the revolutionary upheavals of the Arab Spring, to name just a very few. Given the changing nature of warfare—and the ways in which both traditional and new media tell its many stories—now seems the perfect time to revisit and re-evaluate the genre of the war film. Indeed, The Wiley-Blackwell Companion to the War Film will examine war films, television, and new media from the U.S. and from many other countries around the world: from the Hollywood blockbuster to the avant-garde curiosity; from the Battle of Thermopylae to the taking of Fallujah; and from the birth of cinema (1895) to the present. I am also very interested in essays about films that represent resistance to war and anti-war protest movements--Lynn Sachs's INVESTIGATION OF A FLAME, for example.

Please contact me, Dr. Douglas Cunningham, immediately via e-mail (douglas.cunningham2@gmail.com) to express interest. 300-word proposals will be due 15 Feb 12. Final manuscripts (20-25 pages) are due December 2012.