Resident Evil Collection of Essays

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Nadine Farghaly, M.A., Mag. Phil.

Did you ever wonder why the Resident Evil Franchise has become so successful? Rightly so! Various books, graphic novels, games, and movies (the fifth one coming out 2012) are all contributing to this enormous universe. Resident Evil will be the first book that will focus on this particular zombie manifestation and its significance in popular culture.

Resident Evil first appeared as a PlayStation game in 1996. In 2011 the game had already sold 45 Million titles. This publication aims to examine Resident Evil in literature, art, games and other media concerning sexuality, gender, social change and feminism as well as a variety of other theoretical frameworks. It will provide an interdisciplinary stage for the development of innovative and creative research and examine this vital and complex world in all of its various manifestations and cultural meanings.

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Writers submit a 1-page synopsis of their proposed chapter to us clearly stating:

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[c] the findings
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Deadline: 1st of February 2012

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