[UPDATE] Extended Call for Papers, Narratives of Peace, 1854-1914

full name / name of organization: 
Dr Ingrid Hanson, University of Sheffield

Narratives of Peace, 1854-1914
University of Sheffield, 25-26 May 2012
Keynote speakers: Professor Anthony Howe, University of East Anglia
Dr Wendy E. Chmielewski, Curator, Swarthmore College Peace Collection, Pennsylvania

The foreign wars of mid-nineteenth to early twentieth-century Britain were accompanied by anti-war protests or calls for peace in various forms. Those who argued against war came from widely differing political and religious positions, from the liberal free-trade stance of Richard Cobden to the revolutionary socialism of William Morris or the feminism of Isabella Ford. This interdisciplinary conference offers the opportunity to examine narratives of peace and the ways in which they were deployed in the period leading up to the First World War. The conference will build on the burgeoning body of scholarly work on peace movements in Britain and Europe, addressing questions of the interaction of ideology and form, content and context in the imagination of peace.

We welcome papers from across the humanities analysing any aspect of the productions and representations of British peace movements in the period between the beginning of the Crimean War and the beginning of the First World War: from political speeches, songs or demonstrations to the stories, poems, essays and images that contributed to anti-war movements. Topics might include:

• Visual representations of peace and war in protest movements
• Discourses of religion in peace campaigns
• The uses of the past in anti-war writing
• Ideas of gender in anti-war campaigns
• Science, war and the end of war
• War as a means to peace
• Peace, war and the body of the citizen
• Literary, visual or organisational form as an expression of pacifist commitment
• Suffragettes and anti-war movements
• Socialism and anti-war movements
• Patriotism and peace movements

Organiser: Dr Ingrid Hanson, in association with the Centre for Peace History, University of Sheffield.

Please send proposals of up to 350 words, along with a short bio, to narrativesofpeace2012@gmail.com and i.h.hanson@shef.ac.uk by 16 January 2012.