IFTR Translation, Adaptation, & Dramaturgy Working Group--Santiago, Chile--22-28 July 2012

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Kurt Taroff
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Translation, Adaptation & Dramaturgy Working Group

International Federation for Theatre Research (IFTR/FIRT)

Annual Meeting--Santiago, Chile, 22-28 July 2012

Textual and Non-Textual Adaptation in the Postdramatic Era

Much of the work of Adaptation Studies has focused on the process of adapting text from one medium (novel, play, etc…) into a text-based form in preparation for its conversion into another form (play, film, etc…). But over the past few decades, the process of adaptation has, in many cases, turned away from text-to-text adaptation, with avant-garde theatre groups like the Wooster Group and Elevator Repair Service bypassing the textual adaptation stage to create adaptations birthed directly onto the stage. This process, practiced and theorised in Northwestern University's Performance Studies department, is part and parcel of a movement away from a textually-dominant understanding of theatre which has become prominent in the theatre, as catalogued (in part) by Hans-Thies Lehmann's Postdramatic Theatre.

The possibility of adaptation as a process that can take place in the rehearsal room rather than a word processor has profound implications for our understanding of how adaptations may be analysed, but it also has the potential to alter our perception of and approach to the more traditional process of textual adaptation. For its meeting at IFTR's 2012 conference in Santiago, Chile, the Translation, Adaptation, and Dramaturgy Working Group seek papers that address the question of adaptation in a postdramatic era. While primarily focussed on the question of adaptation, the questions opened up by this area included significant concerns involving translation for the stage and, certainly, the role of the dramaturg in the process of adaptation.

While submissions focussing on this theme are preferred, the group also welcomes contributions that touch upon all aspects of its remit, as well as with the conference theme of Mediating Performance: Scene, Media, and Mediation. Contributions will be considered for an upcoming book project, as well as several possible journal collaborations (as with our recent guest editorship of the Journal of Adaptation in Film and Performance.

We also eagerly welcome new members who wish to take part in the group's discussion but do not wish to submit a paper.

Please send abstracts to Kurt Taroff (k.taroff@qub.ac.uk) and Bernadette Cochrane (bernadettecochrane@uqconnect.net) by 25 January 2012.