[UPDATE] EXTENDED DEADLINE, Thoreau Society Panel at ALA

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The Thoreau Society
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Feminist Thoreau?

Thoreau's central position within the pantheon of white male New England writers, a reputation solidified by F.O. Matthiessen's influential American Renaissance, has made him a problematic figure for feminist scholars. Indeed, Walden would seem, at least on the surface, to champion the historically "masculine" values of self-sufficiency and rugged individualism. In the light of the critique of canonical American literature launched by Nina Baym and others, are feminist readings of Thoreau's work possible? How are contemporary feminist scholars engaging Thoreau? Please send queries or one-page abstracts (for an 18-minute presentation) by January 15, 2012, to: kristen.case@maine.edu. This panel is sponsored by The Thoreau Society.