Call for Guest Columnist - Revolutions & Reversals - Volume 2, Issue 2

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Diesis: Footnotes on Literary Identities

Call for Guest Columnist

Diesis Volume 2, Issue 2:
Revolutions & Reversals

Abstract Deadline: March 15, 2012

The Editorial Board of Diesis: Footnotes Literary Identities (ISSN 2161-3095), a journal of literary criticism particularly interested in giving voice to undergraduate and graduate students, is seeking a guest columnist for its third issue. This issue takes up authority, social structure, and the construction of desired realities in literature as its primary focus.

The twenty-first century is quickly becoming a century characterized by its rejection of injustice. Consider the widespread revolutions in the Middle East, the tea party and the occupy movement in the United States, and the war on gender violence in France. We would like for this issue to speak to these shifting attitudes in the way we approach and think about authority and social structures. We have particularly encouraged literary criticism that takes up as one of its primary goals the examination of the following in literature: authority, politics, government, familial structure, utopia, dystopia, gender, social norms, and the relationship between those in power and those subject to that power.

The guest column for this issue should provide a general discussion of one or more of these issues as they present themselves in literature and/or history.

Please send abstracts (or completed manuscripts of no less than 5,000 and no more than 10,000 words) electronically to the Diesis Editorial Board at with "Guest Column: 2.2" and the title of your article as the subject line. Articles should conform to current MLA guidelines and be in a Word document format (.doc). Document titles should contain the name of your article. All articles should be written in footnote format. Lines should be double spaced, including quotations, and in 12 point Times New Roman with 1 inch margins. Pages should be numbered consecutively and should include a short title in the header. All articles should be written in or translated into English.

To facilitate blind review, please do not include any identifying information in your manuscript. Instead, provide your name, institution, manuscript title, and a brief biographical note in the body of your email. So that we may comply with copyright law, you must also confirm that your article has not been published and is not being considered for publication elsewhere.

Further information concerning submissions to Diesis: Footnotes Literary Identities can be found at Inquiries about submissions should be directed to the Diesis Editorial Board at