Call for Proposals: "2012 Symposium for the Study of Myth" February 15, 2012

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Opus Archives & Research Center
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The Program Committee for the Study of Myth is pleased to invite proposals for presentations and performances at the Symposium in Santa Barbara, California at Pacifica Graduate Institute, to be held August 31 to September 2, 2012.

Important Dates:
Feb 15, 2012: Proposal deadline
May 2012: Decisions announced
Aug 31 - Sep 2, 2012: Symposium

The Symposium themes are organized around three broad areas of inquiry and action: Myth in Theory, Myth in Culture, and Myth in Practice.

This interdisciplinary gathering will pay tribute to the fact that myth is a changing, elastic landscape that flourishes in surprising ways. The field of mythology is the central discipline around which other areas of interest can orbit in order to uncover a more rich and varied portrait of myth in action, myth in contemplation and myth in relation to a wider global landscape.

The Symposium for the Study of Myth will provide a space for active participation and community building by those not solely in the scholarly field of mythology but who pursue related areas of study: dance, literature, philosophy, theology, politics, and popular culture studies, to name a few.

Every professional and scholarly focus has a community in which to discuss new developments and insights in their area of study as well as to chart future domains of exploration. This Symposium will include a blend of self-selecting energies and traditional formats. There will be roundtable discussion sessions, paper panels, keynote lectures by luminaries in the field of myth studies, and special events that include media presentations and performances.

"Interest in Topics" postings will be used to create egalitarian structures (or anti-structures) for discussions and there will be open-air spaces for conversation without a set agenda. The Forum on our website has been designed to inspire ideas from a broad range of interests and expertise and is to be the creative ground from which you can collaborate and create a proposal for the Symposium. It is an open space where innovation is the norm, and creativity is honored on multiple levels.